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A web based solution for Data Gathering, Lead Generate, Manage and Tracking

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How it works ?What is it ?


What is it?

DataSpidy is an Online marketing automation tool for Marketing specialists and businesses.
With DataSpidy, you can reduce the time and efforts more than half by automating the website data gathering and sales process.

How it Works?

It is integrated to a Chrome Plugin which automates the lead generate process through data collection, grouping, scheduling follow-ups, emails campaigns and notifications.

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Email Campaigns

Powerful, simplified tool to send emails and automate your marketing. Deliver your emails with confidence;
The Chrome plugin widget has a feature to trigger a pre-defined email with site-specific collected data while you are on that site. When you click the send email button in the widget system, generate the email and send it to that site’s contact address.

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Data Management

It was time-consuming to process Gather information, analyze and process them in traditional ways.
DataSpidy collects site’s data relevant to your project through the Chrome plugin, a single application interface using dynamic fields and values regardless of the type of the project. It easily manages all data and prevents data duplication boosting lead generation.

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Features Functions Advantages

Work with Remote Staff

Dynamic Data Fields in Projects

Data Groups & Import/Export

Automated Data Collection

Automated Form Filling

Send Emails from Chrome Plugin

Automated Scheduled Emails

Campaign Mapping

Group & Single Contact Follow-ups


Who uses DataSpidy?

Despite the fact that we built this targeting internet marketing professionals, at the moment, script is successfully used by companies and individuals, who work with data for various purposes.

How does DataSpidy improve my business?

  • Make the Lead Generate Process easier by Automating the Data collection.
  • Manage data more efficiently and grouping.
  • Save and Execute emails while you are browsing on a website of a potential lead.
  • Manage and execute scheduled emails and follow-ups.


DataSpidy Pricing




  • All DataSpidy Features
  • All Chrome Plugin Features
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Up to 1 Million Records
  • Daily Backups up to 3 Days
  • Under DataSpidy Subdomain




  • All DataSpidy Features
  • All Chrome Plugin Features
  • Unlimited Campaigns + Records
  • Hourly Backups up to 7 Days
  • Point Custom Domain
  • Branded to your Company

Best Solution for Data Management

Happy Customers
Client Support
$ 29/MO
Starting from 29$/MO

This software is brilliant and able to keep up with most of the requirements. I’m able to run my campaigns A to Z and maximize the full potential of my client list, and it minimizes my marketing workload, unlike any other software.

Zane Pasley

Zane Pasley

Marketing specialist

“DataSpidy” service is excellent and value for money compared to other Products. They provided brilliant service and support until today. This solution is another level product.

Chad Montgomery

Chad Montgomery

“DataSpidy” is extremely user friendly, and we are able to track our employees performance and increase by more than 70% with automating marketing tasks. Also, their customer service is incredible!

Daniel Walters

Daniel Walters

Why DataSpidy

DataSpidy is a lead generation platform which aimed to automate the tasks in internet marketing and manage everything in one place with better tools.

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