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Manage Leads, Data easier using DataSpidy

Despite the fact that we built this targeting internet marketing professionals, at the moment, script is successfully used by companies and individuals, who work with data for various purposes.

  1. With DataSpidy, users can manage most of the lead generation process, including lead collection, contact emails, and follow-ups.
  2. Manage data more efficiently and grouping
  3. Save and Execute emails while you are browsing on a website of a potential lead.
  4. Manage and execute scheduled emails and follow-ups.

Getting this software is pretty easy; you can buy it from our pricing-plans page.

Yes, we offer free 7 days trial period for all our plans. Try It Now

No, DataSpidy is a SaaS product; it can only be installed in our hosting infrastructure. Nevertheless, you can make your own branding and name your own domain name if you purchase our Premium package.

We do not impose any form of limits on software features. However, we have some limitations on the number of records that can be saved and branding. Read more on this on our Packages page.

All purchases are qualified for a free upgrade for a lifetime. As soon as we come up with our upgrades, your SAAS instance will be updated and you will be notified via an email.

With DataSpidy, your data is properly secured. We utilize several techniques to make sure your details are safe from hackers.

We store backups of your data within the hosting infrastructure we use in Germany and the United States. The backup takes place the hourly basis for the Premium package and daily basis for Other packages.

As part of the installation, every instance received a temporary access URL to the system, and you can contact our one of a staff member to point your domain (I.e., or subdomain (I.e., to the installation.

The domain may take up to 24 hours to complete the propagation (usually, it takes few hours) before you access the system with your own domain.

One of the benefits of our software is that we do not change subscription cancellation fees like some service providers. You have the liberty to cancel your subscription anytime.

You are only charged for the upfront month if you cancel. We will also issue a refund if you have outstanding funds in your package.

As a brand that keeps its promise, we will refund the subscription funds for subsequent months that you have paid.
You can request your data to be exported into CSV or XLM format. And your data will be deleted after 3 days of the cancellation. After that, it is not possible to recover data for your security.

We will give you an advance 5 days period to settle the fees, and we will temporarily suspend your access to the system if you fail to make the payments within that given extra period.

If you are unwilling to extend the subscription period, you can request cancellation and data.

After 30 days period without payments, we will completely remove the instance of the system from our hosting and your data. Data cannot be recovered after that for your own security.

Currently, we accept credit card payments (MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit, American Express) via “Payoneer” and transfers via “Skirll“.

We are working on adding more payment types such as Paypal

You can contact us by submitting a ticket on our Contact Us page or use our live chat to get in connect with one of our customer support agents.

We offer discounts from time to time. Subscribe to our newsletter to have alerts on such deals.

As a brand that is dedicated to providing continuous product development, we are working assiduously to add/include more series of add-ons to the product.

You can be rest assured that free add-ons will be available to your installation as soon as they are added.

No, DataSpidy is cloud-based SaaS (Software as a service) product. Which means it will only install in our hosting infrastructure.

However, our chrome plugin will be required to be installed in your chrome browser as an Add on.

No, at the moment, our plugin supports the Google Chrome browser only.

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