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Grow your outbound leads, scale your efforts quickly and efficiently!

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User End Features

Through the admin dashboard, you can manage data, campaigns and remote staff. The Dashboard displays business metrics and analytics without writing a single bit of code or exporting weekly data that can be used to create reports. So that you can reduce the time and efforts by more than half by automating the website data gathering, email sending, contact us form filling and submission, follow-ups.

distinct features


Work with Remote Staff

System tracks staff IN/OUT time, Number of data gathered daily, and have reports for working time and data collected. Data campaigns can be assigned to different works; thus, you can have multiple remote workers working on your projects.



Dynamic Data Fields in Project

Each data collect project has different data attributes to collect. In dataspidy we can define the project’s data fields using the form design tool. Based on the fields added to the project form, a backend table will be created to store that data under the project.



Automated Data Collection

Data collection from websites is made easy with DataSpidy chrome plugin. The plugin has a lot of features, and one is filling data automatically into form fields (No form filling manually) where you can submit the data to the DataSpidy server with one click.



Send Emails from Chrome Plugin

Chrome plugin widget has a feature that you can trigger a pre-defined email with site-specific collected data while you are on that site. When you clicked the send email button in widget system, generate the email and sent to that sites contact address.



Group & Single contact follow ups

Follow-ups are two types as group follow-ups and the single contact follow-ups. Follow-ups can be breakdown to subtasks and complete the follow up upon complete all subtasks. Chrome plugin displays the follow-ups as notifications in the plugin and on-page widget.



Data groups and Import/Export

Using campaign groups option collected data can be grouped into separate collections. Grouping is dynamic based on the fields in that campaign, and the values collected. Import / Export button can use to download or upload data to a campaign faster.




It provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your campaigns, Users and Activities.



Reports Management

Reports allow you to generate summary data for answers to finite form questions. Through this, you can get records regarding payments, actitivity logs, time cards and mails.



Excluded URLs and Blacklist URLs

Excluded URLs, either you are blocking Google from crawling and indexing the page, or the page has been classified as a duplicate of another, crawled page on your site.
Blacklisted URLs can include both entirely malicious web sites and legitimate sites that have been hacked and repurposed as hosts for malicious content.

Chrome Plugin

With DataSpidy Chrome Plugin, you will be able to acquire leads effortlessly, manage all your contacts and transactions, automate your business processes, and simply close more deals.

distinct features

Chrome Plugin Dashboard

dataspidy contact data

Chrome Plugin Contact Us Page Finder

Chrome Plugin Faster Data Collect

Chrome Pugin List Links Checker

Chrome Plugin Form Auto Filler

Chrome Plugin Notifications

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